the POWER of PIE…and, the strength of a little boy.

it was the week before the spring 2012 antique show and i get this email from a mom of a little boy….

We are long term fans of Royer’s . . . and I need a favor for my little boy. My ten-year-old son, Logan, has been in and out of the hospital for months. He has a very painful form of muscular dystrophy in one leg. He finally went back to school today afer months without school–but it was really hard for him.

To motivate him, I told him a story about Royers that I remember from many years ago; it was something like if you eat a whole pie, then you get a free meal. I told him that we would take him to Royer’s this Sat. if he can make it through two days of school, and if he would eat a whole pie,  then he could get a free meal. (He’s going through a massive growth spurt and LOVES your apple and buttermilk pies.) WE WILL PAY FOR THE MEAL and PIE of course, and we don’t even know if he can finish a pie by himself! The idea is just to motivate and reward him for getting through a couple of days in school and battling his pain.  There is no medication, not even morphine, that takes away his pain.
Could you help us out and maintain the illusion of the eat a pie get a free meal deal? We could arrive at 11 a.m. THIS SATURDAY, 3/24/12, or next Saturday if that’s more convenient.

Logan, Mom, Dad and Sister…


Now, remember it’s before the spring antique show and we are exhausted already.  We need motivation.  We need inspiration.  How could we complain about 200 hours in 10 days?  How could we say anything about having to smile and shine all the time? Christ met us exactly where we were.  Logan showed us supernatural strength and gave us that shot in the arm we needed to push thru.  Thank you, Logan.

Here’s Logan waiting for me to STOP taking pics so he could enjoy HIS pie!! Oh, he ate PIE before he even ate lunch…he started with DESSERT!

AND, he did it! WOOZA!!

Logan is why we do what we do.  It’s not about the food…it’s about the RELATIONSHIPS.

This is the Tank You note I got from Logan’s mom after the trip…

Dear Tara,
We are so touched by the incredible generosity, support, and kindness of everyone today at the cafe.
I first went to Royer’s about fifteen years ago, and I have been back off and on ever since, whenever I have needed to boost my spirits . . . and eat pie! I first went to Royer’s after moving to Austin in 1994, after I lost everything in the Northridge, California earthquake (both my job and my home). I walked out of the restaurant feeling joyful again!
It means so much to me that you gave that feeling to my son Logan, too. As you know, Logan has suffered a great deal during the past few months. He has been in and out of the hospital and in extreme pain. Even morphine through an i.v. did not decrease his pain. The doctors could find only one type of medication that reduced his pain, but it was so strong that they could not give it to him on a long-term basis. In other words, he simply had to tough it out, sometimes for episodes of severe pain and muscle spasms that lasted for six to ten hours at a stretch. It was extremely hard on not just him, but on our whole family, because he would beg and scream for us to make the pain stop . . . but we could not help.
He has worked so hard in physical therapy; he goes every morning and every afternoon. He has been out of school for months.
Last week, we had planned for him at last to return to school on Monday. He was in too much pain and could not walk. He didn’t make it.
We kept working in physical therapy. I told him that our new goal was to return to school on Thursday. He was terrified of being in pain at school. We sat a long time in the parking lot on Thursday, and I tried to talk him into entering the school. I had joked with him for weeks about how much he was eating, and I had promised to take him to Royer’s when he got strong enough. In the parking lot at school, I told him that I remembered something from long ago about how if people ate an entire pie at Royer’s, then they got a free meal (I have no idea if this was just ancient gossip or not!). He loves pie and has fond memories of Royer’s. Thinking about eating an entire Royer’s pie is the ONLY thing that got him out of the car that day. It is the ONLY thing that helped him walk into school. I was so happy and proud of him when we got his walker out of the van, and he made it to class. The last thing he said to me before entering the classroom was about getting “his” pie.
I then panicked. What would I do? I decided to write to you and ask for help. You, your family, and everyone on staff were kind and generous beyond our wildest dreams.
When we got to Royer’s, not only was there a table for Logan, but also an entire apple pie with ice cream! He was delighted and ate, well, 90% of it! As your father said, Logan was “living the dream” by having an entire pie all to himself. Then we all ate one of the most delicious meals of our lives–fish, steak, hamburgers . . . incredible. Then you gave Logan pieS to take home. Amazing! We were stunned by everyone’s support and kindness.
We stopped briefly to look at antiques on the way back, and Logan walked a short way without his walker. I would have never imagined that a month ago. Then, in the car on the way home, Logan could not stop laughing. He giggled and giggled. We have not heard him laugh crazily like that in a very long time. I had even forgotten what it was like to hear him laugh in that way. His dad finally asked, “What did they put in that pie, to make you laugh so much?”
Logan gave a little contented sigh and answered simply, “Happiness.” I had to turn my head and look out the window so that he would not see my tears of relief and gratitude.
You gave us so much more than pie and a delicious meal–you gave a little boy hope and a HUGE reward and happiness and pride. He thinks we got that entire meal because he ate a pie! The truth is, everything is due to YOU and your family and staff. You gave him a real-life dream, and a story that will give him hope and encouragement for a very long time . . . and our family will tell that story for the rest of our lives.
I can’t thank you enough.
We will send you a copy of this letter on paper–but I wanted you to have it right away. Also, Logan is going to send you his own letter–and his sister Ravelle will send one, too. We’ll get the letters to you in a week or so.
THANK YOU. I’m still amazed–and will always be amazed–by what happened today. I’m sure you understand, as a mother, how terrible it is to see your child suffer–and to be powerless to stop it. You gave us all such a gift this afternoon. Please thank everyone on our behalf, and give your dad a hug! Thanks for the happiness!
Corinne Dundon

Here’s to the Power of PIE!


tara the pie queen





  1. Nina
    July 10, 2012

    What a wonderful story. It should be in a chicken soup for the soul book…a Rogers pie for the soul….

  2. Debbie York
    July 10, 2012

    This must be where the expression “as American as apple pie” comes from. ..only y’all changed it from just an expression into a reality for this sweet boy and his family. Y’all poured not only happiness, but love and a piece of y’alls heart into that pie pan.
    Forget Chicken soup…I cast my vote for Warm Pie for the Soul.
    I’ll be keeping this family in my heart and prayers.
    Thank you for sharing and praise God for giving strength when strength is needed.
    P.S. Oh mylanta…your blog and photo are just gorgeous!

    • piequeen
      July 11, 2012

      thanks debbie. truly grateful for sending people my way. i love the warm pie for the soul!! love, love, love.

  3. Holli
    July 11, 2012

    That is the most inspiring, happy post but yet made me cry. It was very touching and i do believe that Happiness was baked into that pie!

  4. Theresa-Garden Antqs Vintage
    July 11, 2012

    What an amazing story, you’ve definately left an impression on him for life. You all are such an amazing family. I’m had your awesome pie first hand but will remember this sweet boys story everytime I do have your pie. Thanks to Deb York for letting us all know about your blog.

  5. Marilyn in Missouri
    July 11, 2012

    Oh my, what a great story you have shared with us. Debbie sent me over to you blog — so glad she did — I’ll be back!!!

  6. Bill Page
    July 11, 2012

    What a remarkable story! I just shared this across all my social media networks. Sending some traffic your way!

  7. Allison
    July 11, 2012

    precious story!

  8. Tina
    July 11, 2012

    What a heartfelt post- I had a son with a terrible illness when he was young, so I can really relate to Logan’s mom so much. It breaks your heart to watch them suffer.
    You will never know what this meant, Tara. Your heart is as big as your pie! I drive to Round Top a few times a year and always stop in for a meal and some pie. I think I’ll have to give you a big hug next time I’m in. You’re good people. 🙂
    Hope Logan can come back soon for your magic pie.

  9. colleen
    July 12, 2012

    Debbie sent me…..Thank you for sharing this story & for being a truly kind & generous person.

  10. Laura
    July 12, 2012

    What a wonderful post. Your pies are so much more than that-
    and you are right- it is always about relationships.
    I am so honored to meet you.
    Any friend of Deb’s is a friend of mine.

    White Spray Paint

  11. Betsy
    July 12, 2012

    I’m touched and was brought to tears by this amazing story. We hear so many story of heros who are larger than life, but what makes it real for me and most, I imagine, are the heros like you and your family and Logan and his family who take something that is simple to most and make it a lifetime memory just by taking the time to care.
    Thank you for sharing… I found you via Deb with Talkin’ Trash and am so glad I did.
    Blessings to you,
    Betsy of Sisters’ Treasures

  12. Jane
    July 12, 2012

    YOu make everyone feel that way. We know how tired you all get and what a gigantic amount of work that goes into what you do – but you do it with such Grace. Every single one of you Royers.

  13. harbor light choir members
    July 12, 2012

    Dear Heavenly Father in The Precious Name Of Jesus Christ Of Nazareth, here our prayer on behalf of this precious child of yours, Logan. Lord, You alone are The Holy One. We cry Abba Father for healing of Little Logan’s(muscular disthrophy). You cause bones to heal and muscle to operate rightly. In Ezekiel, You brought those Dry Bone’s to life, in the Valley of Dry Bones. And as You taught Your Disciples and the people: suffer not, the children to come unto me. Jesus we pray for healing and comfort to Little Logan. Is he not worthy, Heavenly Father of Your miracle? We humbly ask that You bless him with a miraculous healing from his , MD. In Jesus Wonderful name we all humbly pray and hope You grant him miraculous healing. Truly the glory will be all Yours Amend!!!!!!!!!

  14. Richard Taubman
    July 12, 2012

    Bud’s philosophy is simple, Do your very best for your fellow man and it will be returned ten fold. Keep it up Bud, we are all learning from you and the kids, Rich

  15. Babs
    July 13, 2012

    What a special way to start your blog writing. A wonderful true life story. You and your family have always been generous with your hearts and your food.

    Love the blog – keep on writing – it will change your life. It has changed mine.
    One comment – could you darken the type face. It is hard to see and read for us old eyes.

  16. Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse
    July 14, 2012

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story, it’s a keeper!

  17. Maurine Graves Richter
    July 16, 2012

    The name Royer is synonymous with comfort and generosity for as long as I can remember!!!! I love seeing the legacy continue in Bud’s children.

    Thank you, Bud, for loving the Graves children for over 30 years!!!!

    WE, of course, come to Bud’s at least 4 times a year!

    Love you Royer clan!!!!

  18. Austin Smith
    July 16, 2012

    An incredible story about how one family is strengthened by their experiences with Royer’s Round Top Cafe.

    But it’s more. It’s just an example of the lives that have been touched through the people and food that are Royer’s. But I have to confess that I am partial…I have a long-standing love affair with the place. I actually dream about the restaurant in my nightly dreams about Round Top.

    In my own life, Dr Karen and Bud helped me approach life in a new way from the creativity workshops they offered at one time. And, my sweet love Tara is a true treasure.

    Blessings and ((positive vibes)) to all. Have some pie, dudes.


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