one of my fondest baking memories…

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i wish i had pictures.  i have dreamy pictures in my head, fluffy homemade white bread.  the smell of yeast.  warm & drenched in butter & jelly.

i was probably 9 or 10 & we lived in katy when you could see for miles.  i remember the pictures of our house standing alone in a field.  now those fields are covered with concrete & buildings.

my dad was out of work, he had been out of work for 2 years & would be for another 2 years.   my dad painted houses & cut wood for jewelry that my mom created. we all helped paint.

remember country duck?  that’s what i call it.  anyways, i remember painting the base coat of the wooden necklaces  & my mom would paint the details.  i would cut lots of ribbon to string beads for necklaces too.  i enjoyed being creative & help my parents out, but i really loved baking.

i would make fresh loaves of white & wheat bread & deliver ’em to church on sunday morning.  i had a basket full & sold them all.  i remember filling the tops of the washing machine & dryer with pans of bread & covered with a white cloth to proof.  i’d close both doors to the laundry room & create a hot box.  it was the best.

little did i know this was just the begin of the journey God had us on…

my hope is to pull these memories from the past & tell my story.


tara, the pie queen

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