My work soulmate. the one I can count on. Audrey.

not really sure how long audrey has worked with us…i do know that the last 5 years are the longest consecutive years she has worked. i remember getting a text on the morning of the 4th of JULY saying, “i’m quitting.”…let’s just say i wasn’t amused.  she came back and i didn’t stop her.  this time she really is leaving. she sent me a text saying she needed to talk. i asked if she could give me some kind of clue to what it was about…her response, “you’re not going to like it.”  so, we (rick and i) went straight to where she was to see what she had to say.
audrey is moving to san antonio and i understand. she’s 5 months pregnant with charlie ann & her boyfriend got a great job. she is doing what is best for her family and i respect that. when she told us she was leaving rick and i were very quiet. rick kept looking at his phone. i said ok & walked out. i got out the door and busted into tears, not because we were going to have to work harder but because audrey was leaving. we were loosing a family member. audrey is so loyal, creative and strong in the kitchen. she creates new items. shows up everyday on time. will drop what she is doing and come into work. she and i are work soulmates.  if i wasn’t her boss we’d be best of friends in real life. (not saying we don’t cross that boundary…it’s so hard in our small family business).


i asked everyone around me to give a story.  tell me something about audrey.  what you will miss.  this is what her mom, bobbi, had to say…

Today I was asked if I have a favorite story about Audrey. 

I don’t know that there is any one certain story. There are many days of joy and lots of laughter.  There are hard times and laughter.  I feel honored and humbled to say that not only is she my daughter, but also my friend.  I have been blessed to not only be her mother but her teacher, friend and co-worker. 

I guess my favorite story of Audrey was when she was 3 or 4, and Dustin was 7 or 8.  Dustin had a pet goat named Ginny.  Ginny was a pygmy goat and we had her on a dog run in the back yard. This particular morning, Ginny kept bleating and bleating.  She was hungry.  I had asked Dustin a couple of times to go feed the goat.   Finally, he went out to feed her, he came running back inside hysterically crying that Ginny was dead.  Audrey immediately ran out to see what was happening. Moments later, she was back in the kitchen, saying “she looks like this,” and throwing herself on the floor looking like a goat would look if it had fallen and broken its neck.  


my husband, rick, who works in the kitchen, asked me one morning if it was a practical joke.  he is known as the practical joker around here and thought this was everyone’s way of getting him back.  he said it was a good one.  had to tell him it was real.  he’s having a hard time…audrey is his best friend in the kitchen, a big brother, mentor, calls him her, “therapist”.  rick has been the one she calls to unlock her car for the 5th time.  he eventually kept her spare keys.


i love audrey’s sense of style.  we often text each other & plan outfits.  we get tired of cafe tshirts so we have to be really creative with big red lips, cowboy boots & flowers in our hair!   we’ve been confused as sisters…what a compliment!


now we are often called chef’s at the cafe & we are far from chef’s but we know what tastes OMG!  audrey has wonderful culinary senses.  she knows what tastes great.  exactly the right amount to add.  she has come up with some DANG good dishes that we serve daily!!  next time you’re in be sure to order YO’ FACE PASTA…it’s soooo in YO’ FACE GOOD!  & that durn bleu cheese dip…LORD help us!

audrey has even lived with our family for awhile.  brayden loved having audrey live with us!  she helped wrap Christmas presents late at nite.  cleaned house (a time or two…haha).  needless to say, audrey is family & always will be.

we will miss you audrey, you can never be replaced & if you send a text saying, “i want to come back,” you can.


  1. Bud
    July 13, 2013

    AUDREY is a superstar!!! We’ll miss her so! I will so miss looking in the kitchen window and see her headband and big flower!!! She is the backbone of the Cafe’s kitchen and making it happen!!

  2. Susan
    July 14, 2013

    Beautifully said!! She’s one special lady in my book. ALWAYS greets me with a 🙂 every time I enter the cafe…. And she’ll always be remembered rockin a big fluffy flower!!! Her laughter can make you chuckle in a heartbeat :))) best of luck to you and you future family Audrey!! Xoxo

  3. Angie
    July 15, 2013

    Okay, so I guess this is real and its really happening. Kept thinking that she would change her mind!!! Its okay though, we all have to do what our families need. “Autrie”, (my British accent), so many great times, some a little rocky but made it through them all. Just when she is not at the cafe I hope that she shares her AWESOME dance moves with others and when ready to DRINK lunch, she comes to see me!! Hey! Maybe while she’s waiting for Charlie Ann she can collate Recipe Cards!!! LOL!! Love Ya Audrey!!!!!! And to Tara and Rick – Its gonna stink not havin our Audrey but as you always do, you will make it through this!!! Everything happens for a reason, some hard, some good but God knows what you can handle!!!

  4. Billy Polasek
    July 22, 2013

    Audrey Rose is definitely a one of a kind. I feel so blessed with just getting to meet her. Then to be able to call her my best friend, life partner, lover. Is breathtaking. Being in a relationship with her has brought me to know some of the most amazing Family’s I have ever met. I know first hand how she feels about her Co-Workers and there’s only one word that’s fully explains each and everyone of Royers committed staff. FAMILY. She has her frustrations but I can honestly say she has never said one negative thing about anyone that works there. She may have confronted one of you personally but never has she brought it home. In a high stress department of service Royer’s provides that would seem impossible. She blows my mind with her kindness and big heart! And I know she will always hold a special place in her heart for all I you! ROYER’S BABY!! Inspiring Greatness One Slice At a Time!!

    • piequeen
      July 22, 2013

      what sweet words. very happy for you guys & know audrey will be taken care of!!

  5. deb taylor
    July 22, 2013

    Oh Audrey…

    best of luck and well wishes sent your way…
    I completely adore you.


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