it’s the last week…you can be my wingman anytime.

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my husband, rick, has been thinking about this for awhile.  he has typed, hand written, scratched and re-written this over and over on paper & in his head.  i adore this man and his heart.  here’s to you audrey…


I have been dreading writing this because deep down i was hoping it wasn’t really happening. Every day turns into a weekend past and I’m just one day closer to the realization that my Wingman, personal DJ, therapist, and best friend is actually leaving the cafe. i am so proud of you! You have grown so much since you first began at the cafe, just as i have. You’ve told me that i used to think you were a young brat that didn’t care about anything. i honestly don’t remember ever thinking that,…. maybe something close,  lol.I remember teaching you how to make pastas and and how to cook on the grill. You now are the only one i trust to run the kitchen when I’m not there. i know it doesn’t sound like much but I’m very particular about how food goes out to the customer and in a timely manner and you get that! You are so creative in the kitchen and really have a knack for it. On a less than positive note, I’ve literally scarred you for life with grease burns, among other things I’m sure. And every time i would make sure you weren’t dying or seriously injured and then start laughing like someone made a joke.  You always laugh out loud and shake your head in ammusement when id walk in the kitchen and say “so, i was watching family guy last night” and i wouldn’t even have to go any further. i could talk to you about anything without judgment. it didn’t matter the subject you would just listen, something i am still trying to learn how to do. Just as much as I’ve taught you at the cafe, i have learned from you, in the kitchen and about life. Thank you! Someone gave me an analogy once about you and being in the kitchen. They said you’re like the mother letting her son go off and get married. No matter who he marries you will always be his mother. Well, no matter who steps into your position at the cafe they will never be you! You made being in the kitchen fun when it was harder than work. I knew that if i was having an off day you would change it around with one of your crazy stories, even if it was about something as silly as your dog bringing every shoe he could find to you after he’d completely chewed it up, or running over the poor dog and not knowing if you would ever see him again. Anyway, enough about work…


I appreciate your love of music. You have got to be the only person i know that can sing almost any song and know all the words, or fake it really well. You kept me up to date with new songs, and old ones like the one from Marvin Sease. How many songs are “the best songs in the world”… sinead o’conner – nothing compares to you; elton john – benny and the jets, just to name a couple. There are too many to count I’m sure. Getting butt-dialed and listening to you and your friends driving the backroads, “road tripping” as you call it, because theres nothing better to do in fayette county. Speaking of being out with your friends. How many times have i been called because you locked your keys in your car? it doesn’t matter, i would always chuckle and get there as soon as i could. Remembering when you lived at our house for a short period and a couple of my favorite memories are when brayden would peek in your room while you were in still in bed and then rub on your blanket and say how soft it was, how weird that made you feel, still makes me chuckle.  And when you helped wrap xmas presents on the floor in the living room. Simple things! Do your best to keep life simple and no matter where you go or what you do… Never leave you wingman!!  All kidding aside, you are a special person, you will always be my DJ, therapist, wingman, my ardree.
you can be my wingman anytime,


  1. deb taylor
    August 8, 2013

    Rick Rick Rick……what a beautiful tribute to your WingWoMan…and oh my gawd…who the hell is going to wrap presents with you ??

  2. Nae
    August 9, 2013

    Omg!! I cry AGAIN! I’ve done this the last several days when we start talking about Sunday…the dreaded day…when Audrey leaves!! Rick awesome tribute!!

  3. Angie
    August 9, 2013

    Things just wont be the same…..there are no more words. Really wish Audrey well on her new journey and for Rick, and all us at the café, it will also be a new journey. Journey to find someone to try the shoes on, not fill them cause no one could ever replace our girl!!!!

  4. dixieray
    September 1, 2013

    Wow. I just cried alittle.


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