from where i sit…bud, the pieman & the heart of texas to the souls of sandy


no one has ever said that my DAD doesn’t have a huge, GIVING heart.  and, his main passion has been the displaced, homeless, hurting & those in need.  desperate need.  so, 2 1/2 weeks ago when Sandy came roaring & crashing into the east coast he & my mom couldn’t help but dream BIG.  REALLY BIG.  what can we do?  how can we help?  do we take food to the east coast for thanksgiving?  feed 1000 t’day dinner?  well, after much thought & prayer dad figured the best & most efficient thing to do would be to bring pies.  that’s where it all is…the pie.  and, what better comfort food than ROYER’S pies?? the first hurdle was the financial side.  the cost of pies, travel, rental truck & labor would end up being around $15,000.  we needed an underwriter so, dad dialed up BILL WINSOR, ceo of dallas market center, & told him his idea.  bill got it.  he said, “YES! we will underwrite it”.  so, the plans were in motion.  watch this awesome video from KTRK in Houston .

we started baking pies asap…650 pies.  bud’s chocolate chip, ann’s pecan, dr. karen’s pumpkin, cafe’s orginial buttermilk & buttermilk delight.  all the pies are boxed now & in the freezer ready to be loaded up this saturday morning.  we have rented a sprinter van & doug runyan will join a few others to load the pies up for their long trek.  steve & amy simmons of amy’s ice cream have donated big freezer blankets to keep the pies REALLY COLD!!  doug, is my dad’s closest friend & i know that he will watch over my dad.  he will make sure he stays awake.  dad’s favorite quote is, “some men dream of worthy accomplishments while other’s stay awake and do them!”  that is my dad.  always awake but he needs rest to make this long trek.   my mom & doug’s wife, janis will fly up & meet them in NYC to help pass out the pies.  we have a great system in NYC & NJ to help with the pie distribution.  many family & friends that have been touched in texas by bud’s heart.  they plan to stop at 5 to 7 different shelters & pass out 100-150 pies at each location. 

we have been reaching out to our customers to help gather $25 ($1 handling fee) gift cards that we can pass out with the pies.  you can even go to our website, & click the store button & buy the gift cards there.  we will head to walmart, lowe’s & home depot and buy the gift cards.  we have until SUNDAY NITE the 18th to gather gift cards.  we also have some room for diapers, cans of ravioli, boxed milk & latex gloves.  if y’all want to contribute by dropping off stuff bring it to the cafe by 9pm ON SATURDAY NITE the 17th or leave it at my house in brenham.  we have a good bit of room to stuff the van with supplies. 

i’m sure i’m missing something but know that i’m asking for prayers.  prayers for safety and health.  my dad seems to get sick when he’s exhausted & cold.  and, he maybe running on adrenaline now but it catches up to us one day.  prayers for supernatural strength that only he can give.  that the Lord will send angels on that van & carry them to NYC safely.  that mom & janis would have a super easy flight! 

after they have passed out pies mom & dad will have dinner with karen page & andrew dornenburg.  they are dear family friends that eat our pies every year…this year they will be hand delivered by the pieman himself. 

love you mom, dad, doug & janis.

p.s. www.texasmonthly.blogs/ is a great blog by pat sharpe of texas monthly

follow @budthepieman on twitter, hashtag #pies4sandy wrote a fab article  virginia always gets it!!












  1. tomi
    November 19, 2012

    i heart the pie man and his daughter and the rest of the pie clan!

  2. Barb Solem
    November 29, 2012

    Blessings to you, Bud, and the entire Royer family! You are such big-hearted people! God has blessed you to be a blessing to others ~ and you are doing it Texas-style! Love you all!

  3. Kim
    December 31, 2012

    God Bless You All! I wish there were more people like you in the world! You all are truly a blessing! Kim


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