Fabulous time slingin’ PIES @Vintage Finds @Dallas Market

About a year ago, we were approached by the Dallas Market Center to be apart of  creating THE ROUND TOP EXPERIENCE at Market.  This was a no brainer, of course.  So, now we have created the WHOLE Royer Experience at Vintage Finds.  The LOOK, The PIEMAN & The PIES.  Some of the BEST of the best, that hock their FINDS, from the Antique Show have set-up to COMPLETE the EXPERIENCE.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Royer EXPERIENCE if we didn’t have a few hang-ups first!  Had to make a pit stop at Discount Tire for a new trailer tire!  These guys had been CLOSED for an hour and changed it right away…talk about a great EXPERIENCE!


Of course, we had to load Bud, The Pieman up so we could finally be on our way…

Once we got to Market we had a ton of work to do to get it lookin’ like the cafe!!

I think it looks pretty durn amazing!!

Well, let’s just say, “SOLD OUT!!”  Who would have know that we would have sold out of our Chicken Margherita Pizza Pies and Veggie Pies in the FIRST day!  OH Snap!!  We promise to bring more in January!!!

It wouldn’t be Antique Week if we didn’t have Melissa Brownlow paintin’ furniture out in front of the cafe!  Melissa painted these fab picnic tables for Market.


Now, all the cafe staff had to stay in Round Top but we had a fab group of PIE gals…We couldn’t have done it without Tomi Cheeks, Elizabeth Tooley and Abby Tooley!!  Y’all just added to the whole EXPERIENCE!!  We LURVE y’all!!

Abby is such a Cutie PIE!

Well, if you missed us in Dallas head on over to Round Top for the Whole Experience!!

bless, tara the pie queen

PS…i just thought this was too funny…they thought they were King Bud, The Pieman.  Protect and SERVE PIE!!












  1. lynsey
    June 26, 2012

    Oh MY! God Bless the Pie Queen!

    Honey child….I LOOOOOOOVE your blog! It’s fabulous. And I love reading about your Pie adventures.

    The booth looks A-mazing at Market! Totally! In love with it all!

    Love you dear!

  2. Melissa
    June 26, 2012

    Y’all ROCKED Market Hall & I sure loved seeing the Royer’s gang, Melissa B, & other familiar faces of RT who set up to provide buyers with such a unique experience!!!

    Much love & blessings!
    Gunslinger & Graceful
    Bandera TX

  3. deb taylor
    June 27, 2012

    ~classic last photo!~
    so happy to read all about “behind the scenes!”

  4. Austin Smith
    July 20, 2012

    Get thee to Royer’s Round Top Cafe!


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