Fab TEAM Royer MEMBER!! ShaNNoN heMmiTT!

Every month we are going to tell y’all a bit about one of our FAB team MEMBERS!  these guys allow us to do what we do.  help us MAKE it happen.  there is no way we could do it without them or would want to!!  super GRATEFUL for them!!  up first, SHANNON HEMMITT! 

Shannon has been with Royers Café since May 2008.  She is your All Around Pie Chic, she bakes them, and then delivers them to your table.   She is very loyal & creative. When not with her Royer family, she is attending numerous activities with her son, Payton including taking care of show animals, taking them to the show along with All-Star Baseball.  Her schedule is full but she keeps a smile on her face and keeps on keeping on!!!!


thanks SHANNON!!  one FAB PIE CHICK!!

love, the pie queen


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