cold brew coffee pie…dear lord. can i get an amen

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y’all this pie.  it was finished before dinner was, so i ate my apPIEtizer first.

good goly miss molly. 

oreo crust…

oreo crust…sooo, i made one crust with 1 package of oreo’s & a whole stick of butter. oh my goodness. i literally broke them with my hands and add a stick of melted butter & smooched it into the 9″ pie pan.  now the problem is, the filling makes enough for two.  soooo, you could put a whole package in the food processor & add a stick of butter.  that would make two crusts.  i honestly loved the whole oreo pieces best.

cold brew espresso or coffee…

i used two sparrows roasting co.  

1 cup of espresso or coffee, ground

soak in 24 oz of water over night.  

strain the coffee in the morning…sometimes a good ‘ole paper towel and a glass work best!  i used a french press to soak my coffee so i didn’t have to strain.


5oz package of vanilla pudding

1/4 cup sweetened condensed milk

1 TBSP of vanilla

1 cup of cold brew espresso or coffee 

12 oz tub of cool whip

1/2 cup of heavy whipping cream.

whip it reallllly good & pour into pie pans. 

chill for a gooood 4 hours.

eat away.


tara the pie queen


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