After the heart attack…

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on sunday, january 25th, 2015, God showed up BIG time.  the sun was shining, the skies were clear & there was a hint of spring in the air.  we needed to raise $25,000 to erase the current medical bills & another $25,000 for the next procedure, an internal defibrillator. 

we closed the cafe that day for the dad’s fundraiser. (for details up to the fundraiser read this blog post) we had sold 250 tickets, but had no idea how many other tickets we would sell.  over 30 volunteers showed up that day to help us make it happen. to be part of something BIG.  the music started & the people continued to roll in.  peter nevland & paul finley kicked it off with wonderful spoken word & the guitar.


the salvation army harbor light choir did their thing by bringing people to their feet to clap & sing for joy.


even dad got up there and sang with them for a bit.  he sure does love those guys.

then the food was ready.  we started filling plates, more plates & more plates.  over 400 plates were served that day.  our favorite bbq boys started the pits early & cooked all the ribs.  thanks to our sweet staff that helped cook the rest of the food, especially wendi for frying all that chicken. of course, everyone had to have amazing music while they were eating, the black cat trio.  those boys know how to keep the party going.  they even donated themselves for a gig in the live auction.


after a wonderful lunch of ribs, fried chicken, sausage, potato salad, fresh field greens & pies, a dear friend got up & spoke about dad.  he brought everyone to their feet to show dad the legacy he has created.  it was wonderful for dad to see.  i hope he always remembers that.  not being at the cafe is not easy for dad.  it’s down right depressing.  he has been doing it for half his life & to just stop has been very hard.  he needs our continued love & support to encourage him to keep pushing.  to not let this bring him down.  maybe it’s the start of something new.  a book, speaking, blogging or art.  not sure what God has up his sleeve, but i’m sure it’s more than anyone could ever dream.  ok, back to the party.

jamie wells, a dear friend from high school, came to be part of the day.  she sat on the stage & captured this painting thru the event.  it was truly breath taking to watch it unfold.  our sweet dear friend, andy reaux, drove all the way from Lousiana & bought the painting in the auction & gave it back to the family. we are looking for a place to hang it in the cafe…the walls are kinda full, ya know!!


it was time to kick off one killer auction! nearly 150 auction items were donated, stellar ones at that.  the out pour of love and giving was mind blowing. heather kaspar and the whole buck up auction group are complete rock stars.  like amazing.  of course, the day had been full & eventful & the crowd had thinned out a bit, but the true buyers were still there.  the auction raised over $30,000 alone.  we even stopped it early & are planning another one online or during antique week…who knows!  the financial donations, merchandise sales, ticket sales & the live auction raised over $50,000.  wow.  seriously wow.  God is so good & he is so faithful, especially in a storm.  we thank you all for your time, donations & financial gifts.  we are a blessed community & truly blessed family.  

stay tuned for more updates on dad & future fundraisers. if anyone wants to make a donation you can mail it to the bud royer medical trust, po box 207, round top, tx 78954.  there is also a link on our website.  and, even auction items can be dropped off at the cafe.  

much love,

tara & the whole royer framily


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